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How I spent my holidays


It was a sunny Wednesday morning,  I was walking up a hill with my dad. I suddenly saw something that caught my eye, it was a snake! It was black and white, it looked liked a Black & White Desert Phase California Kingsnake to me. I observed the reptile for a solid 5 minutes. Then, I grabbed the tail of the snake but it slithered away quickly. It was the second time I had seen a wild snake in Singapore. The first time was at a park. I was walking was along the pathway when a eastern brown snake slither along the drain and amazingly climbed up a wall more than 10X its height.

How i spent my holidays

During the holidays, my student care brought us to east coast park to have a mini golf course. It's at a small building and called 'Lilliput'. First, we had a walk at the east coast park .Next, we had lunch, then, we proceed to the mini golf course. There are many sessions. There are merlion, MRT, bird park, zoo, etc. There are many obstacles at diffent sessions. We had to write down our score on the score book. We had to take a break before eating our tea break. After that, we had our tea break before going back. I wish I could go there again with my family.

How i spent my holidays

During the last school holidays, my father brought me and my family to go to a wonderful place at the Singapore Zoo.We get there at eight o'clock to go to the Zoo .Before we went in to see the animals we had our breakfast near the zoo.First, we queue to buy tickets after buying  tickets we went into the  Singapore National Zoo.In the zoo we saw  various animals like monkeys, lions, tigers, giraffes, snakes,squirrels, elephants, kangaroos and many-many more.Then we saw the animals in action at the show show place.The animal that i like most is the monkey because it can swing tree to tree with its long arms.After that we went to go swimming at kidzworld lunch then we went to swim.Unfortunately there is very heavy we bought raincoats because we do not want to get wet by the rain 15 minutes later a the heavy rain stoped.We were very grateful for the heavy rain to stop.Then we returned home.I feel tired because the trip we went to the Zoo, but fell happy to see these animals there.I hope I can go there again with my family


How I spent my Holidays?

          On Monday, it was a new fresh day and very sunny. First we went to have our breakafast then head back to our room to rest then go swimming I thought we are going to the same place to swim we are actuallly going to wild wild wet at first i was very happy but they say they opened at 1pm but when my mother look carefully it was actually opened at 10am we played for almost like 3 hours in the swimming pool. We went back to the room to bath and then went to the foodcourt to have our lunch as our stomach was growling very LOUDLY.After we ate finish our food it started to raining heavilly We were lucky that we swam before it started raining then we all run back to the the room to take all our things to go back home as it was only a 2 day- 1 night stay. It was a memorable stay at the chalet.

Shopping for winter wear

20th November 2011  

  It was a rainy afternoon. Me,my sister and my mother were preparing to go to buy winter wear for our trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. First, we went to Lot 1. It was very crowded as it was a Sunday. We stopped by at Smiggle, a shop where sells stationary and gifts. I bought a 'Purple Bubble Hardtop Pencilcase'.I like it very much as I think it is stylish. Next, we went to Popular,the bookstore. My mother bought a 2012 Dairy to keep all her his records. Then, we headed down to the carpark to drive to Causeway Point.

  The carpark at Causeway Point was full, so we parked opposite. We went to KIddy Palace to buy jeans. We couldn't find any winter wear so we left. When my mother was paying for the jeans, I saw a water bottle with filter. I liked it so much that I wanted to buy it,unfortunately, my Mother said I had to use my holiday ,allowance my father gave me. Then,we went to Uni Qlo. It was a winter wear shop only for adults. My mother bought a jacket that cost almost $80! 

  When it was almost 6:00, we went for dinner at the food court. It was crowded and we couldn't find a place. Finally,a family of four got up and left. We ordered our food and ate quickly. My Mother was so hungry she said she can almost eat up a whole elephant!

 After dinner, we left. It was a nice day of shopping!

A journey to the cinema


It was a bright and sunny morning, the sun shine brilliantly in the clear blue sky that was dotted with fluffy white clouds. The cheerful chirping of birds heralded a new day.

  It was just a glorious day to go to the cinema. Our mother decided to take the train to Chua Chu Kang cinema, to watch The Adventure Of TinTin. When we reached there, we were just in time. We bought my favorite food, popcorn, our tickets and went into the cinema.

  Inside the cinema, it was dark. I couldn't see anything but the number of the seat only. Besides being dark, it was quiet too. I could not hear a thing. We found our seat and sat down. It was very relaxed to sit on a VIP shaped seat. I am very excited to watch the movie. 

  Luckily for us, there are not many people watching the movie so we do not need to squeeze. About five minutes, the adventurous show started. In the show, I don’t the captain as he doesn’t have the fighting spirit to fight over the bad guys.

  I like Tintin because he is willing to know and learn more things that are happening around the world.

   After watching the show, we went to eat our lunch as we are very hungry. We went to the Food Junction, which is full of stalls selling delicious and tasty food.

   After lunch, we went to the library. There is not much people as today is a Friday, which is a weekday.

   Then, it was already six o’clock. The sun is about to set and we walk back home slowly.


Discover Your Smart qualities

Activity 1: Discover my smart qualities

Visit this website to find out what your smart qualities you have. Submit your online assessment to obtain your results. Snip the results in a circular chart and upload the picture and write your reflection in your ePortfolio on your class blog.

You can refer to the sample reflection below:

From the chart, I am body smart. This is because I love sports like swimming and I go regularly every weekend, rain or shine. After today’s activity, I also know that I am people smart. This affirms what I thought my smart quality was. This is because I love talking to people and enjoy working in a team.

Creating Game

Hi, all.

You can download the Game Creation Software (for your favourite games like Teacher Invaders) @ Content Generator

You can email me the games you have created (must be maths or science of course) in

1. swf format

2. Data file

I will post it on the Web if they are suitable


Activity 1: Visit the CyberCafe

Visit this website to find out what the kids are doing are the café. Post a comment on some cyber safety tips you learn from them. These tips should be relevant to you in your classroom learning environment.


Activity 2: How to stay in Control?

Main activity: (15 mins)

Insert the website on your class blog: http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/8_10/control/


This informative website educates pupils about the internet and mobile phones, so you can make the right choices and be safe.


Copy and paste this on your class blog:

Activity 2: How to stay in control?

Do you think you know how you can stay safe when you are using the internet? Staying in control is about knowing that some people use the internet to be nasty to others. At this website, there is lots of information for you about the internet and mobile phones, so you can make the right choices and be safe.

Put up a post on how you can encourage one to stay in control while using the internet. You can beautify it with an ePoster on the post

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