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Transverse and longitudinal waves


In this Transverse wave model, the simulation shows the phase difference commonly associated in wave motion in terms of angle differences between the 2 points travelling in a circular motion.
    Play with the Model. Test what you've learned by exploring the  phase difference, amplitudes, wavelengths, periods, frequencies and  wave velocities.

    Sample Learning Goals

    (a) show an understanding and use the terms displacement, amplitude, phase difference, period,
    frequency, wavelength and speed
    (f) analyse and interpret graphical representations of transverse and longitudinal waves


    1. By changing i and j sliders, the different positions of a wave can be simulated.
    2. Determine the phase difference between the BLUE and RED point using ϕ/(2π) = t/T or otherwise. 
    3. Use the simulation to check your calculation. 
    4. The slider T changes the period of the wave motion, by means of evidences from the simulation or otherwise, determine the period 
    5. The slider A changes the amplitude of the wave motion, by means of evidences from the simulation or otherwise, determine the amplitude
    6. the guide allows the visualization of the front view of the point BLUE and RED.


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    Lee Tat Leong; Wee Loo Kang

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