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Software Requirements


Android iOS Windows MacOS
with best with Chrome Chrome Chrome Chrome
support fullscreen? Yes. Chrome/Opera No. Firefox/ Sumsung Internet Not yet Yes Yes
cannot work on some mobile browser that don't understand JavaScript such as..... cannot work on Internet Explorer 9 and below



Fu-Kwun Hwang - Dept. of Physics,National Taiwan normal Univ.; Fremont Teng; Loo Kang Wee

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Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers



T Slider

Adjust the slider to set the delay time for each wave ring to be formed.

Creating Wave Rings

This allows you to generate randomly colored wave rings on the simulation.
First, tap anywhere on the screen.

(Tapping once will create a single ring)

(Holding onto the same spot generates more rings.)

(Tap anywhere and you are good to go.)

Reset Button

Resets the Simulation. 






Other Resources


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