More information about Simulations Powered by Easy Java Sim

(1) Easy Java Simulation Tool Kit  (The tool that makes making Physics Simulation much more simple)

(2) Open Source Physics  (Wealth of simulations waiting for you to remix and customize)

(3) NTNUJAVA Virtual Physics Laboratory (Another great place to find java simulations)

(4) Loo Kang – Open Source Physics Simulations (Very own Singapore made simulations by Loo Kang)

 (5) Physics Simulations For Primary School (My attempt to port the simulations over)


More MaPS resources

(1) Download MaPS from the ETD iResearch. You will need your edumall account. (If you have forgotten your edumall accout, you can reset the password. The password will be sent to your ICON email)
(2) Check out the You Tube Video created by Thong
(3) Check out the Google Site created by Thong with a little contribution from me 😆 
(4) MaPS Community Forum (Need a Google Account  to post message)