India National Presentation

(1) Introducing history would make mathematics education more complete and help develop social cultural perspective.

(2) Traditional Pathshala (Hindi world of school) culture of learning numbers : Local orientation and a strong sense of functionality; recollective memory was the primary mode of learning.

(3) India has a strong Mathematical tradition. The major challenge in Mathematics education is the divisions in India society. Schools are stratified (poor schools for ppor students)

(4) Critical perspective : Problem posing pedagogues, folk tales, stories

(5) Face challenge in development of Maths teachers (viewed as “2nd rate” profession)

(6) A group of passionate mathematicians has come together to from National Initiative on Mathematics Education . I applaud their enthusiasm and their passion for mathematics education in their home country.

(7) Mathematics Assessment : Lots of questions and you have only 2 to 3 minute to solve each question.Extremely high stakes (Gang steals papers. Students commit suicide) . Emphasize on procedures and manipulative skills , heavy dependance on memorization
(8) Mathematics Training and Talent Search (MTTS) . Highly interactive. Think along with teacher. Do not allow the students to take notes

(9) More information on India Mathematics Education can be found at :

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