Terms I have learned

I really feel very “academish” these days. Hearing all those super “ATAS” terms from the academic scholars. I can never be like them as I am too “grassroot”. But sometimes, the “grassroot” in me also want to feel “ATAS” and must speak in ahem scholarly manner.

Here is how you can sound “academish”:

(1) Open Learning  Model : the representation of a learner’s knowledge and skills, and sometimes their misconceptions.

John, what is your open learning model? (Meaning, what is that you do not know?)

(2) Multimodal texts : images, sound, movement and text on image

Dear class, what do you understand from this multimodal texts? (Meaning,  do you understand the video?)

(3) Collaborative Dialogue (CD): learners co-construct language or knowledge about language to solve complex linguistic problems

Let’s have a collaborative dialogue today on this story.  (Let’s discuss the story)

I should try this with my friends or even students. 🙂


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