Student Created Question (SCQ)

Learner-Centered Pedagogy + Adaptable and Scaffolded Learning Space Design—Online Student Question-Generation by Prof Fu-Yun YU.

Student Created Questions (SCQ) is actually not new. n the speech, Prof Yu  mentioned that students had no experience in creating questions. I fully concurred with that I try asking my students to create word problems but I realize that it is more difficult for them. They rather answer the questions. Guess we need to really teach them how to create problems. Here are some advantages of SCQ: Learner reflection and self-regulation and knowledge construction

Question Authoring and Reasoning Knowledge System (QuARKS)  is a system that provides online scaffolds through  reflective social discourse, process prompts ,  displays and model.  You can find out more about QuARKS  onJournal Article by Professor Fu-Yun…


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