My Easy Java Simulation Journey

Thank to Easy Jave Toolkit , Open Source Physics Community and Prof Hwang NTNUJava Physics’ Virtual lab , I am able to modify and create Java Simulation based on Physics Laws.


The simulations are customized for use in primary school and secondary school. Feel free to download and remix.  You can use them for inquiry-based activities or allow the students to conduct experiments using the simulations. Do feel free to ICON me at if you need any modifications. I will try to see how  I can help you.

Here are the simulations I have done so far and their original authors (if applicable)

1. Roller Coaster By by Michael R. Gallis and edited by Wolfgang

Lesson Idea


2. Cooling/Heating Simulation by Wolfgang Christian

Another remixed with cooling and heating in the same graph

Lesson Idea

For teaching of Graphing Skill . 


3. Friction Simulation 

Lesson Idea


Another simplified version in which the students need to figure out which surface is most rough




4. Pendulum Model by  Wolfgang Christian

Lesson Idea


5, Spring 

For teaching of Graphing Skill . 


6. Speed Simulation 

Lesson Idea

Primary Speed Simulation

7. Ticker Tape Timer



8. Shadow

Have created a simple simulation on shadow.  This can be used to understand how the length of the shadow changes. There are 2 graphs to depict the situation. You can get the students to guess what the graph means



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