Sharing Synopsis @ Yew Tee

Date : 25 Apr 2012
Time : 1030 to 1130 (Lower Primary)
1430 to 1330 (Upper Primary)

Venue : Yew Tee Primary Comp Lab 1

In the first part of the session, the presenter is going to share her experience in using technology in her Mathematics lessons for the past 4 years. The technology tools introduced are mostly free (e.g. web 2.0 and free-to-download applications) . Hence, they can be easily adopted in any typical classroom without the need to secure the funding. With the use of such applications, the students are learning from technology (technology-as-partner) via the use of a Mathematics Blog ( The blog is the one-stop portal of Educational Mathematics Web Resources for the pupils. The pupils can access the Web resources both at home and in the school mainly for the practice of their Mathematics skills, such as numerical calculations. Unlike the traditional practice on paper, online drill-and-practice offers instant feedback which is likely to improve the retention of Mathematics facts. 
In the 2nd part of the lesson, the participants will be introduced to MaPS (Mathematics PlaySpace), a model ling tool for representing and solving word problems. This easy-to-use working prototype is developed by ETD and allows the teachers to input their own word problems. In solving word problems, the teachers can use the tool to model  the “thinking aloud”. Modeling thinking aloud combines elements of both systematic and explicit instruction; and posing questions. MaPS, with its dynamic visuals and interactive capability, are effective in providing the visual support for students to make connection between knowns and unknowns in a word problem.