Programming and Variables

The first Maths topic that I would be teaching is algebra. Good topic for me to put in the programming so that the pupils can see the relevance of what they are learning.

You will need to stop the video at 1:25 before they go into more complex concepts like array. One way to see the use of variables in game score mechanics.

I would show them this programming code and get them to think what type of algebra expression would that represent.


Yes! I am teaching P6 Std Maths!

This is my first time teaching P6 Standard Mathematics and is petty excited I finally get to teach algebra and speed! Why?

Firstly, I finally get to show my pupils how they can use the Algebra (especially the concept of variable) in programming!

Secondly, I can use my customized speed simulation to teach them speed!

I would tap on my little grey cells on how to create meaningful learning experience for my pupils.