Video and Answer Garden – Starter Activity

For this week, I made use of videos and answer garden as my starter activity. This help to solicit students’ response to the videos and thus soliciting their prior knowledge. The idea of using the video and answer garden was “born” through informal conversions with my colleagues.

(1) Greenhouse Gas

I make them watch a 20-s video  without audio on Greenhouse Gas .

The purpose of this video is to make the students realize that greenhouse gas traps heat. This is a very important concept as I can use that to discuss about global warming.  Without the audio, the kids are more alert. I need to give them some clues (like what does the red line mine) so as to get them started. They then post their short notes on Answer Garden.  Building on their response, I started the topic on Global Warming and then make them watch the video (with audio)

(2) Power of Acid

Show them a video on Acid and get them to talk about what acid can do.  My students are alert and told me in the video, it was not acid. Cool that my students are critical of the videos. I then showed them another video in which the acid corrodes the iPhone.  Students gives their response as “melt”. I take this opportunity and introduce the term corrodes. I need to have this starter video on acid as the students had no idea what acid is

Overall, I think the videos coupled with Answer Garden served the purpose. Getting students interested and also allowing me to know their prior knowledge. Such prior knowledge would allow me to pitch my lessons at their levels.  One downside about this activity that there might be the possibility of students posting non-meaningful stuff on answer garden. There is no way to track. So far, such incident was rare. Guess it was time for me to instill some digital citizenship in them.



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