PSLE Chionging Term 3

It is Term 3 and it is the final lap for my graduating students. I am really giving it all to my graduating classes and hope that this will help them in some way.   It is practice-paper time and I hope to make such practice paper more engaging for my students.  I would feel bored with myself if I found myself just “going through” papers for the rest of the term.

Here are the things that I have planned for my students


Getting them to see beyond practice paper. Trying to teach them the skills to understand the questions more deeply.  This include:

(1) Highlighting generic skill like giving clear scientific explanation. Trying to use the so-what frame so that they can be clearer in their explanation

(2) Getting them to identify mistakes rather than just giving them answers

(3) Peer learning.  Getting to learn with one another by discussing MCQ answers and revision topics

(4) Allowing time in class to allow them to write what they know about certain topics.  Hope this will get them started on revising (at least for some of them). Some of them might not know how and what to revise. Hope that such revision-in-class will get them started


(1) 3 questions per day to get them to start revising

(2) Peer learning. Will get them to work in groups for Paper 2 questions

(3) Making visible what they have learned through screencasting.

Not too sure how things will turn out. I will just constantly fine-tune along the way.


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