Starter Activities for light

This week,  my P4s are learning light.

To start off this topic, I make use of the “Silent Video and Answer Garden” [Link] . This helps me to elicit their prior knowledge. I then go on and build on their answers and have a fruitful classroom discussion on light using words or phrases that they have provided[Link].

To test their understanding of light, I make them think about how the invisibility cloak could work and they post on the Dot storming Board. For the next lesson, I make use of what they have posted to start on my next topic on “What happens when light hits an object?”.  I also show them some videos on invisibility cloak to reinforce the concepts [Video Link 1 , Video Link 2, Video Link 3]

Overall, I feel the starter activities really help me in eliciting their prior knowledge. Through their posting, the students do have some concepts on light (e.g., photons, speed of light). As a teacher, we should work on their prior knowledge. It is all about extending their schema and not about allowing them to create a new schema and hence creating unnecessary cognitive load. The use of Answer Garden helps me to get their feedback in real time and it really helps me to save time!

The  “star” of this week lesson is the  invisibility cloak. This really piques their interest on light as it seems so magical and yet real (all thanks to Science!) By showing the how scientists are actually designing the invisibility cloak, my student can see for themselves how  the lights concept they learn in just P4 can be applied in real life.

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