Getting Right about Light

Having allowing my P4 students to experience light, it is time for them to write about their experience.  They were enjoying the activities last week  but were they able to articulate their experience? Using their written work as the formative assessment, I have a clear picture of their understanding and the areas I need to work as shown below:

(1) Explanation not detailed

They generally only give the “what” and forget the “so”.  For example, in explaining why they can see the torch, they just write “Torch is a light source”.  There is no explanation how they can “see the torch”.

Follow up action: Give them the answer frame for such light-related question

What : Does the object give off light or reflect light?

So : Light from XXX gets into my eyes.

I think it is important to get them to get them into the habit of giving clear scientific explanation. They have to use the date given in the question (“what”) and explain with the scientific concept (“so”) that is unpacked in the current context

(2) Misconception

Everything reflect light. This is not true as light source gives off light and does not reflect light


Post-lesson Reflection

Students might be fully engaged in the activities and seems to know what is going on. Engagement without reflecting about their experience might not translate to deep learning. We cannot simply conclude that they are learning just because they are engaged in the activities. The students need to make their learning/thinking visible so that we can close any possible learning gap. I would be giving them more “thinking aloud” activities so that that they can show me what they know.


Light Bulb No. 1

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