“Crazy” enough to use technology during PSLE revision

I guess some people might might be thinking that I am crazy to using technology during this intensive PSLE revision. “What! Technology!” Are you crazy? It wastes time . Just go through more revision paper with them  like what others are doing! ”

Of course, I beg to differ with that. The use of technology in class is not for fun or for show. It is meant to enable learning. It has always been my philosophy of using technology in class and will always be.

So, what’s up in my P6 Science Revision class this week? Having gone through three weeks of the typical drill of Science Revision (practice paper-go through), I decide to give it a slight twist this week.  I am using Plickers and Google Form as formative assessment tool.

(1) Plickers as Entrance Tickets

I choose some representative MCQ questions to elicit their understanding on revision topics at the start of the lesson (about ten minutes). These questions would be shown on the projector screen. I have given each pupil a individual Plicker card and they are to bring it every day.  I plan to do this regularly.

Students are generally very enthusiastic about answering the questions. Unlike the previous Plicker sessions, I have input their names in the system. Thus, I know exactly who had gotten it wrong and would try to address their misconception.  I could either approach them individually after lessons or invite them to talk about their answers in class.

One problem I am facing is that the students might not able to see the question on the screen clearly. I need to fit the question on the screen and the question could appear small.

For the coming week, I am considering rinting out the MCQ questions for them to share

(2) Google Form As Quiz

I have used the new quiz feature in Google Form.  The students are to do their MCQ on the paper and submit their answers through Google Form [Link] as well.  When their answers are submitted, the students could view their score and mark their work. Correct answer won’t be given for the wrong answer.  The students are to do their own correction. I also allow them to google for information if there is a need. In the next lessons, I would review the “problematic” questions based on their responses as shown by the Google Form


The very motivated students attempted the questions again to get the full marks. I do not expect that as I would only want them to do their correction on the paper. On the other hand, I also have a group of students who have the mentality “Just-Get-It-Over-And-Done-It” mentality. This could be due to the fact that I allow them to surf the Web for Science Information after they have completed the quiz.

Having observed that, I decide to set a new rule for my next Google Form Quiz. Students are to try the quiz for at least three times  or scored full marks (whichever is earlier) before they can serve the Web. At least, I can force my “Just-Get-It-Over-And-Done-It” to think just that bit more.






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