The pressure is on!

The Maths prelim results is out. I am looking at my students’ performance. I am having mixed feelings.  They could have done more better if they have been more thorough in their work. But, on the other hand, I am happy that they are not giving up. They are still willing to work hard for their Maths. As advised by my colleague, I am going to get them to have them to “spot the mistakes”. Have just posted some wrong answers on SeeSaw and will get them to identify the mistake.

I am under pressure in taking this group of kids. The pressure does not come from the management. But rather, the pressure comes from me. I have to admit I am very attached to them (Yes, they do make angry at times). I feel like if I do not give 200%  to them, I have let them down.

Wish me luck as I lead my little rascal to the final lap. I will do what I can to get them out of their primary school by the end of the year.




Pokemon Go

Pokemon  Go is just launched in Singapore one week ago and it has taken Singapore by storm. As educator, we can’t just focus on the negative aspects (e.g. addiction and failing to play safely) and decide that we would just ignore the ignore this phenomena.  We can’t be judgmental and quick to dismiss Pokemon Go as just another “silly” game.  We can’t ignore the interest for Pokemon Go among the students. Just mention Pokemon Go and the students would be interested to see what you going to say.

There is much social learning about Pokemon Go as the kids discussed about their strategies in this game. The kids need to be strategic and collect the evidence so that they can make the sound decision (e.g., when is the best time to hatch the lucky egg,  should I catch all those low CP pokemons?) It is decision, decision and decision. One need to evaluate the options before we make the most strategic and “high return” decision.

One simple way in which I am using PokeMon in class is to use of the PokeMon information (available in Pokedeck)  and get the students to think of science concepts. For example,

(1) We can use that to describe the various adaptation of the Pokemon.

(2) Read the information about the Pokemon and decide if it is scientifically sound.

Let’s take a look at the Venonat below.

Possible questions

(1) Can you describe at least one adaption of the Venonat?

(2) It is stated Venonat is an insect. Do you agree with that statement ? Why?



Google Form Quiz Continued…

I have tried Google Form Quiz for the past two weeks.

After reflecting on the first lesson, I had made the changes as proposed in my earlier post [Link]

I have seem improvement in their engagement through these little measures. Having set the expectations, the kids would do do their own corrections and try to get as many question right as possible. At least, they spent less time “fooling” around with the computers.

Interesting Observations

  1. One pupil exclaimed loudly when he received his score. He has managed to get 50/60 in the first try and this has always been my expectation for them.  . He came up to me and told me that was the very first time he had scored 50.  Of course, I seized the moment and encouraged him to strive for more 50s. Guess the impact might not be that great if I were to go through the answers with them the very next day. The instant feedback and the computer-generated score  might have amplified the impact. #justguessing
  2. It is telling to see the nicknames they give themselves. Some of them use names like XXX never give up.  I then took this opportunity to encourage the students as I reckon that they might need some assurance . Without this info, I would never go up to them personally and encourage them as I might have wrongly assume that they are doing well and do not need much encouragement from the teachers.
  3. One pupil came up to me and confessed he only scored less than 40 for his quiz. but more than 50 at the second try. I asked him to reflect on what had not gone too well. He articulated that he did not read the question carefully and had been too careless in the first try.  This is the affordance of Google Form. Instant feedback allows them to try the second time and make them realize mistake on their own. Possible without technology?  I do no think so as humans cannot mark as fast at the computer for sure!