Staff PD Day

It was Staff PD Day at my school today! Teachers shared what they had done during PLC. It was indeed insightful as I listened to what my colleagues had done.  I always believe in sharing as we can always learn from and learn with one another.

Some takeaway:

(1) Use of checklist seemed to be a recurring theme for writing.  This is something worth considering to do during Science Lessons.  Get my next year students to “check-list” their Science Answer using the so-what frame [Link]  I have come up with my student this year. Perhaps, I should further think hard about this answer frame during hols. Time to use some Literature Review to “ATASIFY” my so-what answer frame

(2) There were lots of strategies shared (e.g., GCSE, use of checklist). Perhaps, as a school, we should do a rise-above and try to have a common thread to tie all these strategies together.  Or else both the teachers and the students would be too overwhelmed and would not be able to connect the dots together.


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