Greater Mekong

In 2016, I am teaching 6-3 SS. And we learned about Mekong. I think we can try integrating science and Social studies here .

Great to talk about diversity and the threats.  Check this link for more info

Converting Carbon dioxide to harmless substance!


Singapore-based scientists have come up with way to convert carbon dioxide to harmless substance.  This article definitely can serve as resource for topic on environement:

(1) How does carbon dioxide harm the environment?

(2) How does it cost climate change?

Free Fall

Awesome video by BBC. Some questions to ask:

(1) Why do you think the ball will hit the ground first?

(2) What are the differences that you observe between the ball and the feather?


Drought – Tolerant Trees!

This article appeared on the Straits Times on 2nd Dec 2016 [Link].  Very suitable for Primary School science especially on adaptation. Some question to ask:

(1) Why does growing more flowers reduce water loss?

(2) How does these adaptation mentioned in the article help the plant ?