Mathematics fluency (a 10 minute exercise that reveals my students’ learning gap)

For the past one week, my students would have mathematics fluency exercise at the start of the lessons. I have tried to vary the exercises, from using (1) two dices for them to form number statement (using the animation at : )   (2) Socratic App (3) What makes 8?

This simple 10-minute exercise reveal the students’ learning gaps in fundamental mathematics fluency. This includes

(1) Not able to tell which number is bigger : 1.09 and 1.9

(2) Not able to covert improper fraction to fraction

(3) Having difficulty in identifying the digit in the tenth, hundredth place.

(4) Not fluent in multiplication facts.

Well, this shows that there is lots to be done to close the learning gaps. I will try to cover the fundamentals (e.g., place values before I go on to more complex stuff).

Am I daunted ? No! My last year’s experience with my beloved  rascals last year  has made me feel “zen” with such learning gap.  I will enthuse this group of students like what I did last year. I will pull no stops to make them step up before the upcoming PSLE!



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