Voting for the class council

I allow my class to vote for their class council this year.I only told them on Thursday and made the “candidates” said a speech after lunch.  I told them that both we would totally respect their choices for at least a month and would see who they had chosen if they indeed were fitting for the role.

I had five students volunteering for the posts . I shall say I am petty impressed with their speech. Most of them were willing to share their weakness and wanted to change for the better. I shall say this was a “emotionally-intense” election with candidates “breaking down” due to their low votes.

The best part ?? The students “run the elections” and I just sit back and videotaped down the speech. I only needed to count the votes to ensure impartiality. I am letting go the control of the class and it was good how they self-organized (e.g., getting the candidates to speak and encouraging and supporting the  candidates). Some candidate was upset over their no-win and their peers, on their own accord, comforted them.

Some learnable moments from this election

  • Students would need to live with their choice for at least a month as they need to be responsible with the choice they made
  • Some candidate was upset due to the low vote and I encouraged the kids to take setback in stride.
  • The votes were close and I urged them to respect the class’ choice and the class shall stay united. (Think the recent #brexit and #trumpwin)

They have made their choice and I would see how that would turn out in the month to come.

PS: It does not take one month . Feedback from other teachers has made up expedite our decision to change the HC and AHC. I broke the news to them and surprising, they took it quite well. Perhaps, they were self-aware and felt that they were indeed not suitable for the job. Of course, we assign them other roles for them.

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