See something, say something

See something, say something.  How many of us do have the moral courage to do that especially in the face of higher authority?

So, what about me ?

I guess if it is worthwhile for me to say it, I will say it . There is no stopping of me as things meant to be said has the  be said.  Of course, there are risks. But, if I choose to say something, I do it  with my eyes wide opened , knowing all the possible consequences.  In simple term, I do it with eyes open and willing to take any consequences (may it be good or bad) that comes with it . If I am ‘defeated’, I won’t blame others but rather than my inability to hold my ground.

Yes, currently, I am very angry over something and I am waiting for the opportunity to say something in the most appropriate time.  I don’t care if I am ‘killed’ along the way for I just need to make sure I am not part of the problem. Not willing to speak up is part of the problem and I refuse (I repeat, simply refuse) to be part of the problem.

I am just waiting for the right time and I shall move in for the ‘kill’.

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