Teaching algebra

It is my second year teaching P6 Standard Maths and second year teaching algebra. Compared to last year, I feel that I am more explicit and clear in my teaching. I am mindful of the use of terms and always try to make the meaning of the terms explicit. For example,

(1) Meaning of the variable : Represent unknown number

(2) 3x : Instead of saying 3x, I always says 3 groups of x

(3) 3+x : You cannot add a know number to an unknown number

(4) Use of model to represent algebraic expression

Even getting the students’ response, I also make sure that they also articulate the meaning of the terms.  Unlike last year,  I did not try to teach them “mechanically” but rather trying to get them to articulate the meaning.

How is that going? So far, they seem to catch on (at least during the class activities). Let’ see how that translate to their actual test. I am simply keeping my fingers crossed.




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