Electricifying weeks!

It has been an electifying weeks for my P5 for the last few weeks. I hope that I have given them enough varied experience to get them to have a deeper understanding of electricity. Here are the things that I have done for me:

(1) Weekly Experiment Activities

(2) Writing about their experience both in their biology book and kidblog

(3) Electricity Simulation (https://kidblog.org/class/2017TWPS56/posts/bad7z0seei6gtaog6pfabcsv)

(4) Getting them to share videos on electricity.

(5) Using students’ answers as the “model answer” and give them success criteria.


Basically, I want them to think-do and not just doing without thinking. Due to the activities, they learned about other things like short-circuit. They are very intrigued and excited when they see something they can’t comprehend and ask me questions (especially on short-circuit). I am glad that they are curious and I will attempt to explain to them that “current also like to take the path which offers them the minimum resistance”

Compared to last year, I provide more opportunities to write. This stems from my reflection on last year in which students cannot explain their science answers clearly as there is too much spoon feeding. Afterall, spoon-feeding is the easy way out. This year, I do not want to repeat this mistake. I will work on their answers and get them to identify the mistakes.

So far, I can see that most of them have grasped the understanding and giving good explanations through their blog/journal entries. Let’s see how that pan out during CA1.

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