Using SLS Pedagogical Scaffold to plan ICT-enabled lesson

Here is my unpacking of using SLS Pedagogical Scaffold to guide my ICT-enabled lessons. I decide not to plan at topic-specific level. But, rather, I would do a raise above and want my students to be enculturated in Claim-Evidence-Based Reasoning. The content would be a means to get them be familiar with this way of scientific reasoning. I want my students to be learning science and not learning about science. Who needs them to learn about science if all the content can be easily “googleable”?

Phase 1 : Establish learning outcomes

To develop Communication, Collaboration and Information Skills using Claim-Reasoning Evidence Framing

Unpacking in this context : To be able to communicate the science reasoning clearly with Claim-Reasoning Evidence Framing

Phase 2 : Lesson enactment

Learning Experience : Discussion

Activate Learning : Set success criteria , Modelling of reasoning

Promote thinking and discussion : Show examples of answers and get students to critique. Can be done through online platform or classroom discussion

Facilitate demonstration of understanding : Use of online platform like padlet or blogs for them to make their reasoning visible. Allows for peer critque

Monitor and Provide feedback : Will discuss the most problematic concept in the class.  Provide feedback via the online platform. Give similar question to “re-monitor” their understanding.

Phase 3 : Accessing the quality of learning

Artifacts to be collected : Students’ response and critques over a few cycle.



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