Using videos with a Twist !

As a science teacher, I always love to use videos. Typically, I would just let the class watch videos and hopefully they get it. I might have some classroom discussion but I never really try to see if they really understand from the videos.

In the first week, I do a minor tweak to this video-practice.  I allow them to watch video and either get them to post questions [Link] or what they learn [Link] . Using the insight from their posting, I would consolidate what they had learned from the topic.

For my P6 class, I decide to “just-do-it” even though they are not academically strong. As a class, they collectively manage to list down all the essential points (although their explanation might not be clear). I rearranged their posting around the essential points and use that to consolidate the lessons the next day. I basically used what they had posted and build on the responses by giving them the scientifically acceptable terms.

I am glad that I have tried that out as this help to amplify the power of video. By making their thinking visible, I use their “words” to teach them.  Yes, the posting might not be fantastic and it needs a teacher to understand what they are trying to say. But, at least, they are writing. I acknowledge their posting and this makes them feel good.  Hopefully, this will make them own their learning.


As for P5s, I am getting them to ask questions as there is no “talk” in the video. I am using the video as the starter activity for germination. I also allow them to answer their friend’s questions.  Again, the essential questions about germination have been asked. I am using these information to close their learning gap. Due to the large number of postings, I need to create a few padlets to host their questions.

(1) What is Germination?

(2) Conditions for Germination

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  1. Thanks for your sharing on the use of videos as I am also a fan of videos. I use it as a tuning in activity, songs for the Stellar Big Books or for teaching grammar items. The animation and catchy tunes would always activate their interests. Sometimes singing along and dancing to the music can activate their interests and engage them by communicating facts for new topics to be learnt. It also allows for blended learning where they are not constraint by time and space.

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