ICT-enabled discussion with Padlet

As I have indicated earlier [Link] , I would be focusing on strengthening my students’ scientific communication using Claim-Evidence-Reasoning (CER) . Hopefully, with this focus on reasoning, they would be in a better position to communicate science concisely during their PSLE next year. Of course, this skill is not just applicable to the examination. They can also apply in their daily lives.  For example, using CER to detect fake new  You can check out this link for the actually activity.

Reflecting on my past use of padlets, for this activity, I am making the following changes :

(1) Use a few padlets. To avoid too many posting. Too many posting make the padlet very messy and students might have difficulty in navigating.

(2) Different questions to be answered so that students can learn more about different concepts.

(3) Using 1 star and 1 wish to frame their comment (for the very first time)

So, what about the outcome?  I am basically quite satisfied as this is the very first attempt. Most of them do try to frame their answers around the CER and they do give quite good answers. However, they need to brush up on their commenting as only some of them give very specific and targeted comments.  This is the first time they are trying and I only show them once. Some of them post “non-scientific” posting and I need to warn the class not to let this happen again. Actually, such posting is inevitable as kids being kids. Just need to constantly nag at them no to do it.

So, what is next? These are the steps that I would step to further refine this plan:

(1) Model the commenting . I have given each posting a comment using the framing

(2) Address learning gap: They seem to be confused with pollination and fertilisation. The reasoning for these two process is vague (like the flower pollinate another flower) or inaccurate (the ovary is being fertilised or the ovule being fertilized by pollen grain).

I am glad that I have given them these exercise. By making their thinking visible, I know what they are not strong on and would work on their weak points!

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