2nd Attempt at Padlet-Enabled discussion

This is my 2nd attempt at Padlet-Enabled discussion (Use of Claim-Evidence-Reasoning) . [Link] What  I do differently this week:

(1) Pair work – This week’s topic’s Heat is more challenging. Thus, I make them work in pairs so that they can support one another

(2) Use of iPads for the very first time for this P5 class. This will allow me to conduct ICT-enabled lessons even when the labs are not available.

What are the outcomes? There is more quality commenting after modelling commenting but I still want MORE!!  🙂 In the last exercise [Link], I gave each posting a targeted comment. Some of you may go like “Where got time?” But, I see this as marking and giving them very targeted feedback. Hopefully, this will help them to move forward as a learner.  One trick to cut down on the “commenting load” is to allow them to work in pairs like what i do this week. I admit I am lazy and want to find the more efficient way to save time but yet not compromising the learning experience for my students!

For this week, my homework for them to look at my comments given for the heat exercise ( I just posted my comments last night)  and try modifying the answers based on the answers given. I am happy to see one of my not-so-engaged student taking interest and even modified her post last week at home (without  me asking so). This week, she requests me to post it on the kidblog so that she can edit at home. Good to see this little exercise enthusing her!

I am glad that I have this ICT-enabled discussion as this make their scientific reasoning visible. Here are their gaps which I need to work on:

(1) Not being very specific in their evidence. They mention about the Cup X is hotter (but it is actually the temperature of the water)

(2) In reasoning, they do not mention heat transfer matching their evidence and claim. For example, they mention Cup X gains heat faster than Cup Y. But, they ought to be discussing about heat transfer of water (as the evidence or claim is about the temperature of water)

I actually designed this exercise deliberately for them to make their mistakes visible. They are taken aback when I say that none of the posting would be awarded full marks. I believe even if I explain to them earlier, they might not be able to grasp. I hope that this will “shock” them and create cognitive dissonance (sounds ATAS, right ? -) . Hopefully, this would get them to be more meaningfully engaged in their learning. It is easy for me to “show and tell” but are my students really learning. Hopefully , such exercise will create more meaningful learning experience for my students!

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