Bringing my students in their final lap in PSLE.

This is my third year taking the tail-end graduating Mathematics class. I think teaching such class can really break or make a teacher. One has to be highly resilient to be able to accept whatever results the students have!

My students has just completed their mid year exams and the results  are fairly disappointing to say the least. It makes me interrogate myself. Have I done enough for my students? Am I too lenient with them ? What can I do  to make them have in-dept understanding of the content ?

Yes, I have to admit the results to get me feel a bit down but I only allow myself to whine/get emo  only over this weekend. That is what I always I do when I am feeling down. Let myself wallow in self-pity and then I will be back!

Yes, I will bounce back and lead them to their final lap to PSLE. At this point, I am slowly getting my energy level back and all ready to help/guide/coax/threaten/entertain/motivate/scold/nag them in their final lap.

If I am going to throw in the towel now, it is definitely going to be gone case for them and there is NO WAY I will do that. I am their P6 Maths teacher and I have a duty to lead them in their final lap to PSLE.

Here are some of the initial ideas that I have :

  • Give them a pep talk despite their disappointing results. I have already written a short note on their exam paper
  • It seems that their fundamentals are very weak. They seem to have have issues with Paper 1 as they still have problem with multiplication facts. Getting them to do practice after practice during Jun Hols. Will need their parents to supervise them on that
    • Get them to self-explain a question to me daily. At least , I know that they are learning.