Same same but different : Google Form Revisited

Last year , I used Google Form extensively for my P6 Science class [Link].  This year, I also started using with my class but with a twist. Why so ? Because the context is very different. Last year, my Science class was the academically strongest class and most students are reasonably motivated to do well in their studies.

This year, the class I am taking is just the opposite. Knowing where they are in their Science, I know that they would possibly will not try even given the second attempt. It can be just case of “anyhowly” trying as they may simply do not understand the question.

Here are the changes I made:

(1) Answers are provided so that they can know the correct answer straight away.  My assumption : They need immediate response or else they will only remember the wrong answer given.

(2) Feedback with video links are provided for the “popular questions”.  Students are supposed to copy the feedback on their question paper.

(3) Revisit the top “cannot-make-it” questions. and go through in class


As like last year, there are some students who just wish to get the marks. They are interested in keying in the answers and getting the marks but do not seem too eager to review the feedback. I need to constantly “nag at /scold” them to do it. Perhaps, the eagerness to review the response would level up when exam nears.

So, how does that beat the typical going-through in class?  Such technology-enabled activity allows them to do it at their own pace and some of them ask questions (not a lot but at least some really ask). They would also ask their peers for help.

Would I continue with this with my class? Yes, I will but not as frequent as last year.  At this stage, I need to focus on building their scientific content. Getting them to do the MCQ, without the science content, might not be too beneficial for them.







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