I think I am stressed

Term 4 is always stressful for me. I think I have to admit myself that I am stressed. Best to have self-awareness and know how to deal with the stress. This is better than brush it off and insist that I am “cool”.   What are the symptoms?

(1) Wake early during weekend

(2) Having dreams about work-related stuff.

I better find inner peace with myself so that I can handle this stressful Term 4.

What are the things I am going to do to reduce stress level?

(1) Have regular walks during week days

(2) Need to give “me-time” (e.g., weekend morning)  so that I can do nothing, think nothing and just focus on the present.

(3) Constant blogging to vent my frustrations or thoughts. I do find writing very therapeutic as it helps me to clarify my thoughts and make me question my assumptions.

PS: I know that I have the capacity and ability to deal with the stress.  Come on, I am who I am , the 打不死的小强!Stress only brings out the “survival instinct” in me and I know I am going to survive!


Final Lap for PSLE

Yes, it is Term 4 and three more weeks to PSLE.

Now, I need to give it all for their final lap. Good to see some of them finally making more efforts but is that enough? I guess I will just stay positive and focus on what they are doing now..

My plan for them

(1) At least 2 papers 1 in Week 1 an Week 2. For Week 3, 1 more paper 1.

Will then assign koobits homework to focus on their mistkes

(2) Focus on MCQ and get them to explain to explain the process for some significant questions.

I really hope that all of them can clear PSLE and move on to secondary school!

Random Thoughts about leadership

One point raised in the article “Why Cabinet to Speaker-Plus can be an upgrade” resonates with me.

From authority to influence

“Authority works in a command and control structure. You’re the minister, you give an order, those down the line follows.

The real world is messier. You want something done, you use your influence, your people skills.”

We are now living in the world of thinking individuals. Gone are the days that you can treat people as “unthinking” individuals. The world is messy. The hierarchy is getting flat.  Just because one is  given the title does not make one do things without proper justification. People need to be convinced. Communicate clearly on “why” and skip all those sophistry. Please do not bother to use big words. What people need now is clear and defensible argument.

Perhaps, it is time to step down from my current post. And I should focus on exerting influence on the ground and getting people to speak up against what I perceived as unsound practices . I remember once telling my HOD colleague why I do not want to take up HOD-ship. I want to lead by influence and not by position. Perhaps, time to rethink my current position. If I am a ground teacher, I will possibly do more about the series of recent incidents and yes, possibly lead a “mini-revolt” against the higher authorities.  This thought energizes me ! 





I am sick and tired of ….

People who keeps on pushing the job to others. Period.

PS: I met with an incident today that totally pisses me off. Although it is not under my preview (which that certain someone/someones think it is) , I take the initiative to resolve the issue. It is just a simple case of opening a certain room but that certain someone/someones choose not to entertain.  We have absolutely no idea which room is that and have to go around looking for it.

Why do I help out with this? Because I believe in working for the school and not for the department.

Why can’t people have more sense and more initiative in their work?

This is really getting frustrating as the days go by. Perhaps , it is time for me to have the “push the job to others” mentality. But, this is going to be a tall order as I know that I am just too over responsible for that!


Am I fretting over the small stuff?

Just manage to chance upon this article [Link] entitled “Beware of drifting and sweating the small stuff, stay focused on success”.

It is not that I do not want to focus on the big picture. I wish too but in my humble opinion, there are way too many fire-fighting and operational inefficiencies that I need to deal with almost every day.  I need to cut down on these operational inefficiencies if i want to stay sane.

But for now, I decide to put my foot down and set certain expectation for my technical staff under me. I must let them find the inner purpose so that they can better support the staff.


Random Ideas for the project

I need to present something on my learning for leadership during some cluster sharing at the end of the year.  I am thinking of sharing the difference between a teacher and my current position as HOD. Here are some of the resources and my competency as the leader.

(1) Finding inner purpose [Link]

(2) What Great Communication should Look like – Never to work in silos [Link]

(3) How to avoid bad decisions [Link]