Learning from CLDC on Oct 13

After hearing the sharing by various participants yesterday, I can see two  recurring themes (guess my doctorate studies have always made me see want to do a ‘rise above’ and see what is same same but difference)

(1) Process and structures

Okay, I admit. I hate these two words for it sounds so restrained, so HQish and so the bureaucratic! You know, those typical official comments when things goes wrong. “The process and structures are put in place but ….”

It is definitely important to have process and structures but the devil in the implementation. We might have the best process in the world but all amount to nothing if it is not implemented properly. So, as leaders, we also need to work with the ground people to see that is implemented to high fidelity rate. How? Guess back to finding inner purpose and get them to see the higher meaning as to what they are doing as what I have articulated in the previous post.  [Link]

So far, I have tried that out on my technical staff after trying to convince them of the inner purpose. So far, it seems to work as they are taking more initiative (meaning, I need not chase them for jobs).

My next challenge : Getting teachers to see their inner purpose.

(2) Influencing people

You can’t get things done on your own. You need to work with people. You need to mentor people. In short, try to mentor more of “minion ” me so that I can see the change what I to see.

This is yet another challenge to myself: Mentor more people to become more like ‘minion’ me! Heart in the right place (‘for the students’)! Crazy about technology-enabled learning!

What is the best way to do it? There is no easy solution as people are different. As for me, I will think of how others have mentored me. I realize that they ask the right questions and make me think deeply in another level. And of course, I do respect and trust them as the mentor as they walk the talk.

So, this is a personal note to myself: Walk the talk and be a role model. Ask the right question when mentoring.

(3) The need to plan ahead

I do agree with that and must plan ahead. But, as a MM, there are some many firefighting and things to do. Where is the time to think deeply about issues and plan ahead?

“The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent.” – Eisenhower

Guess we just to find the time to be engaged in thinking-doing. as these are important but never urgent things!

Here are things that I need to do to be engaged in thinking-doing :

  • Blogging about my doing about a leader helps me to clarify my thoughts and better understand me and my response. I shall continue blogging so as to ensure that I am thinking deeply.
  • There are other timing in which I find myself engaged in thinking deeply too like while driving to walk or when I am out for my daily walking. The ‘me’ time allows me to have inner dialogue with myself!

So, challenge to myself next year: More me time to be thinking-doing. I aim to respond and not react!