Playing at Playeum

For the last 2 Friday, I was out to “play” at Playem .

‘Play” actually means:

P : :Personal Journey

L : Learn

A: Authentic

Y : Young

My reflection ?

I guess this experience just reinforce what I am actually doing all along. It makes me more motivated and energized to do things in a “PLAY” manner.  The purpose of this LJ is meant to make us to see the bigger purpose as to what we are doing. It is not just getting ready for book check, school exams and doing the sometime meaningless admin work. It is more than that. We are there for our students and doing what we can for them within our means. This can be challenging at times due to the absurdity and ridiculous demands dictated by others or the inconsiderate act of others (e.g., last minute demand)

But no matter what, I will shoulder on and do what I can within the boundary creatively for my students.  I am a teacher and will always be one. Such ‘motherhood’ statements come from my heart and I make the stand with conviction. After all, I say/write what I mean, and I mean what I say/write.  Well, guess that is me being authentic and am not just into saying falsehood. Sometimes, I marvel at others who can utter things they do not mean convincingly. This is something I simply can’t and will not do.

So, with the play experience, I will continue to be ‘playful’ in my personal journey in teaching. The use of the word ‘continue’ is deliberate as I have been very ‘playful’. I am playful and yes, can get on people’s nerves at times .

This is my personal journey and there is only 1 rule to guide my learning journey, ‘Students First’. This rule appeals to the authentic me and that is what makes me energized in my work. I can proudly say that I love my students whoever they are and will continue to help/nag at them despite making me angry. By being authentic does not mean being self-centred. I have to be authentic to myself and know my own “windows of references”. I need to know myself well and be aware of my both implicit and explicit assumptions. This will help me being open and authentic to others. This is definitely something that I will need to work on.  I do not claim to be very open, but I am working towards it.

Of course, I must continue to be learning and re-learning. I am a learner and must always stay as one. I am never an expert on anything and will continue to learn things. That is why I will be reading at least 1 book (fiction or non-fiction) monthly and will blog reflections (2 posting per week). I am very proud of myself that I am now crazy over reading these days. I am also ‘forcing’ myself to read a range of books from children’s story books to management books to philosophy.

I must forever stay young so that I dare and have the courage to explore without the fear of failure and express myself freely.  I should not be afraid to express myself even at the expense of antagonizing others. This is something I will  and must do if I need to. I have to make sure that I can defend what I say or express with argument based on my No 1 rule (‘Students first’).  I should not shy away from disagreement as I must (I repeat, I must) and have the moral courage to state categorically what is just not right. See something, say something. When it is time to speak, I will, and I shall speak even if it means that I might be ‘killed’ somewhat. Well, for me, it is students, students and students. If I can’t have the courage to speak up, the I will fail my students and that is a big “No No” for me.

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