Lessons with my loveable 51s!

This year, I have the chance to teach the academically challenging 5/1. So far, I am loving them as all of them are really eager to learn!  Here are things I have done so far during lesson enactment so as to best engage them.

(1) Pacing and Maintaining momentum

Slow is the word of the day for this class. I always start off by reiterating of what has been previously taught  in the previous lessons.  I am glad the now they are able to articulate words like condensation and evaporation. My next challenge is to get them to remember what the process means!


(2) Encouraging Learning Enagagement

Playing, playing and more playing! I get them to write down the facts on cards and get them to play “card games” with one another. I do not state how to play, they then come up with their own rules (like matching or “snapping”).  I ask them to bring the cards home to learn.  Some of them did and can remember some of the facts.  It is not the majority but at least it is a start

I am also using Quizlet  for the kids to revise the science facts. Of course, kids love playing with the game.  I realize that my kids are not very exposed to technology (e.g., they do not know how to create tabs in Google Chrome) . So the more, I need them to use iPads and computers often.  For the initial stages, it might be slow but it is worth it.



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