The use of Maths Learning Log/Textbook



This is the 2nd year that the school is not using any WB.  Students can no longer to their WB for revision . But, rather need to learn from the Maths Learning Log/Textbook.  I adopt a more systematic use of Maths Learning log/TB and even explicitly tell the students how to use that to review their exam.  This is based on my assessment of the learners’ profiles  as they might need explicit teaching of study skills.

Here are the things I have done:

1)  Writing of page and title

2) Better organisation of study note by starting each topic on a new page

3) In Maths log book, make sure that the question appears on the book. Why? Help to reduce unnecessary cognitive load (no need to refer to TB for question).  My kids are not that strong in their Maths and there is a need to make sure the cognitive resources  are freed up so that they can focus on the essential maths concepts.

4) Word problems  – I will type out the word problems for them and get them to paste on their learning log. Again,  this is to reduce cognitive load for them. The joke with my friends is that I am going to be a professional cutter (many thanks to the maths department , of course!) as I aim to prefect my skill of cutting papers in equal pieces!


So far so good. Some kids really make efforts in making neat notes. I praise them and even paste their work on the class notice board.

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