My Maths class this week

This week. it is like a roller coaster ride with my maths class. The week started off badly as they were unfocused for the first 2 days.  Particularly on Monday, I  really feel lousy after coming out of the class. They do not seem to be listening at all and are all restless.  After all these years, I feel that one of my weakness is in maintaining discipline in class. I have a tendency to be very “lenient” with them. Guess this is something that I need to work on.

But, things turns out for slightly better for the last 3 days.  Why? I set expectations and routines for them and become more firm with them. I talk to the few disruptive ones and tell them to be mindful of their behaviour.  They are still not perfect in class but they are slowly improving. I think I will drop a call to their parents and praise them for the improvement.

What really marks a good end to the week is seeing that making efforts to do their mini-tests! I can see their intense look and determined to do it.  One of my boy (he happens to be one of the disruptive ones) who scored zero in the first test  manage to get close to 10 marks for the same test. That really makes my day.

To others, the mini-test is easy. But for my class,  I need to celebrate small success.  Yes, there are lots of gaps to covered but I will shoulder on as I continue to creatively balance between the dept’s demands and the students’ needs.

I am determined that there should not by any more “U” grades coming from my class! Last year , I was petty upset with myself as I do not manage to get all my students to go beyond U grade. I will not let history repeats itself. 








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