Playtime with Friction Simulation

I have started on the topic Force this week. One of the alternative concepts that students have is that there is only frictional force between objects only the object when the object is moving.  So, I decide to spend sometime addressing this. This is how the lesson enactment using iPadslooks like:

(1) Activating Prior Knowledge

This question is posted to the kids : I am applying a force to a box. Is there any frictional force between the box and the floor?

Mentimeter is used to collect their responses. Surprisingly, most of them are aware that the frictional force exists

(2) Encouraging Learners Engagement

Get them to go to play with Friction Simulation  in pairs.  There is a need to spend some time explaining terms like “Sum of forces”. They are able to see for themselves that Frictional Force does exist even if the object is not moving

As the students play with the simulation, they post some interesting questions based on their observation.

(1) Why is the object still moving even if the sum of forces is zero?

(2) Why is the object not moving even if I have applied the maximum force?

By using their questions, I use that to reinforce the concept of forces.

(3) Concluding Lesson

I conclude the lessons by letting them do some PSLE Science MCQ related to friction. Again, I use Metimeter to poll their response. Most are able to get it right.

Personally, I feel quite happy with myself over this lesson.  The kids explore and ‘experience’ force.   This is definitely a technology-enabled lesson as without technology, all these won’t be possible.


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