Quizlet Live – The star of the week!

The star of this week lesson is Quizlet live. Quizlet allows students to work and learn together so that they are able to answer the questions correctly [Link] Basically, Quizlet Live make use of gamification mechanics (e.g., instant feedback and competition) to arouse interest and encourage learner engagement.    Learner engagement might also be enhanced as students can now facilitate their demonstration of learning with the use of technology openly and publicly to their classmates.

This game is particular suitable if you want  your students to remember facts. Essentially, I am trying to introduce the ‘fun’ element in factual fluency.  For P5 Science, I use Quizlet Live to recall scientific facts that they are learning now (e.g, water cycle & human reproductive system). As for my 5-Fifteen rascals,  they use Quizlet to practice their conversion between decimals and fractions.

The kids are truly engaged as they try to recall the facts and help their team mats. My 5-1 kids even make use of their science word cards as they try to figure out the science facts At the end of the game, the fact that is always ‘missed’ (e.g., most students are getting that fact wrong) would be shown. I will use that to clarify students’ alternative conception.

What about the challenge? Just like Kahoot, kids just want to win and they would be ‘blindly’ clicking away.  Moreover, some kids really cannot afford to lose and tend to be over-dramatic when they lose.

So, moving forward, I need to think of ways to address these two issues.

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