NJ Trip Reflection

This is the first time I am the overall in charge of overseas trip. I am actually quite nervous and stressful over this as I seldom travel and I am not good in taking care of people.  Stress pile up after Lunar New Year and yes, I started having sleepless nights over this.  And I even had to delayed my birthday celebration because of this. This is the 2nd time in my life that I cannot celebrate my birthday in peace. The first time occurred in the year that I received my A level results as the results was only out after my birthday .

Well, I survive the overseas learning journey and all my students come back healthy and safe.  I basically feel that I did quite an okay job as the overall in charge.  I have done adequate preparation. To be precise, I over-prepare like purchasing extra moisturizer/food/fever pad with my money. I ensure that my teachers focus on taking good care of the kids while I focus primarily on the other aspects (like ensuring appropriate hotel accommodating  and communicating with the parents).   I have done lots of prep work before the tour and ensure that both the parents and  the students I can be the point of contact. I will not shy away from handling sticky situations and quick to respond to the overly cold weather (getting the local guide to buy lip balms and heat warmers) 

Of course, this would not be possible if not for the other teachers in the trip. They pointed out my blind spots and surface possible issues based on past experience (e.g., getting the souvenirs required not at the last minute so as to have ample time for packing)

I am glad that the NJ LJ is over. It is indeed a good experience for me and I am really happy that I manage to do a decent job!