My class did a e-experiment today.  In this e-experiment, pupils were to submit their responses via Google Form. I projected their results “live” on the screen (with the graph). This would help me to gather their response immediately and offer feedback (FA: Feedback) . Also, the use of e-experiment would help them to focus on the analysis of the data (higher-order thinking) rather than the “mechanical” collection of data

You can find the lesson here

What went well 

  1. Pupils get to work like a scientist . Collect the date repeatedly and using ICT tools to process the data.  ( I seriously do not think any scientist actually plot the data on the graph paper anymore)

2.  Some of them submit very large numbers (for very naughty reasons of course).  This is a very good teachable moment as I discuss with them about outliers in the data collection. Again, this is how the scientist work. Data is collected and we also need to look out for abnormal point. I guess I need to think thank the mischievous boy for providing with this teachable moment:-)

3.  The data collected also highlights the gap in students’ knowing about data collection. They tend to focus on the extreme two sets of the data and were less likely to collect the “mid point” data

What comes after?

  1. I am going to make use of this learning experience an focus on the scientific method (e.g., data collection). It is only 1 hr lesson today and I have not done enough to make them reflect on what they have learned.