iLEAD ~ ICT Leadership in EdTech and Design

Do I learn anything new at this workshop? If I say yes, I would be doing my years in NIE and my constant reading up on the ed tech trends an injustice. As someone who is always on the look out and read articles on ed-tech use, this workshop did not change my thinking. When I am asked to use this thinking routine “I used to think”, “now I think” I really do not know how to answer.  Finally, I come up with one cheeky answer. The buzz word is no longer TPACK. It is SLS pedagogical principal.  I know I am being very ego here. But, that is me. 🙂

What is more fruitful for me is the conversation that we have at the table. Hearing from my fellow colleagues about their concern and their vision for using ICT. Here is the rise above that I have for the conversations having today:

(1) Students’ thinking

(2) Collaboration

(3) Making time and space in SOW for technology-enabled learning

(4) Making time and space to plan for such SOW

Essentially, one of the gap that we have to fill up is the time and space for both planning and inclusion of technology-enabled learning. I have been trying to push for that but there as IP is not my area of control. Something needs to go , period.. And if we do not do there, we can never do anything. We are just adding on to the plate and there will not be sustained change. There is not much teachers like me who will literally go all way out to design ICT-enabled learning experience. On the system level, we need to create time and space for that.

The next gap is to have some common framing for thinking routine/peer and self critque across all department. It has to be over the six years journey and not just one-off lessons.

What does all that mean? There is a need to plan. Study the syllabus doc so as to see what can be effectively replaced by ICT.