Modern PD – Go and Figure out yourself

This article really articulates what I feel about PD. It should be all about “figuring it out yourself”.  PD should cause cognitive dissonance and leaves us with questions.  Such model might cause some discomfort among teachers as we might be too used to “schooling” .  They might be thinking “Hmmm. If I am to figure it out myself, what is the teacher doing?”.

For me, I feel that PD session should be more of conversation rather than monologue. This could increase the possibility of cross-pollination o ideas and the participants could do a rise-above.  It is no longer going to be a “step-by-step” workshop . Such  “step-by-step” workshop unfortunately is the regular feature of the teacher’s PD workshop .


For a start, the physical layout of the space need to be designed to facilitate conversation . I guess our current layout in AST is a outdated. Perhaps, they should consider looking at more modern learning spaces such as NIE classroom and LLI iN.Lab .