Singapore Tracker Digital Library

Singapore Tracker Digital Library


To contribute to the reforms on physics educational practices by curating tracker video and models usually made by lookang, making them 

  1. accessible ( no password nor login required, download and use, heighten chances of adoption of educational resources and practices.
  2. affordable ( practically free of charge, but you will need to pay for internet and a computer to with tracker software installed)
  3. adaptable ( all TRZ are changeable and models can be improved or added upon)


Browse the collection to view thumbnail images.Double-click on a video to open it in Tracker.

Browse the collection to view thumbnail images.Double-click on a video to open it in Tracker


This collection represents some of the tracker video used in Singapore, contributed by friends (in chronological order) like

  1. Wee Loo Kang Lawrence, Educational Technology Division, Ministry of Education, Singapore
  2. Lim Jit Ning, Hwa Chong Institution, Singapore
  3. Lee Tat Leong, River Valley High, Educational Technology Division, Ministry of Education, Singapore
  4. Samuel Ooi, National Junior College, Singapore
  5. Goh Giam Hwee Jimmy, Yishun Junior College, Singapore
  6. Leong Tze Kwang, Raffles Girls Secondary, Singapore
  7. Thio Cher Kuan, Raffles Girls Secondary, Singapore
  8. Siow Seau Yan Sharon, Raffles Girls Secondary, Singapore
  9. Ning Hwee Tiang, National Junior College, Singapore
  10. Tan Kim Kia, Evergreen Secondary School, Singapore
  11. Lim Ai Phing, River Valley High School, Singapore
  12. Gideon Choo, River Valley High School, Singapore
  13. Chan Him Nok, River Valley High School, Singapore
  14. Neiw Chun Hao Wilson, River Valley High School, Singapore
  15. add your name here by giving your trz files to 


Loo Kang Lawrence WEE is a senior specialist II at the Ministry of Education (MOE), Education Technology Division (ETD),Singapore. He obtained his B.Eng (Hons) from National University of Singapore, and his Masters in Instructional Design and Technology from National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University.

His current research focuses on designing computer models, also known as simulations and video analysis and modelling for physics education.

He is a member of American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) and International Research Group on Physics Teaching GIREP and also publishes in Physics Education journal.

His blog serves as a gateway to teachers and students to use and remix his simulations with the aim of benefiting all humankind. His contributed simulations are downloadable, creative commons attribution licensed, from Digital Libraries on the NTNU Virtual Physics Laboratory

and Open Source Physics (OSP).

His teaching experiences include junior college physics and secondary school science and mathematics.

He was recognized for his research and development of innovative and effective “gravity-physics by inquiry” computer models by winning a Ministry of Education Innergy 2012 Gold Award, Singapore Public Service PS21 Best Ideator 2012 and Ministry of Education Best Innovator Award 2013 . He is also a recipient of numerous SPRING Singapore Excellent Service Award (EXSA), MOE Service Excellence Award (MSEA) and PS21 Distinguished Star Service Award 2014 .


currently, the host is is a personal server by @engrg1 Lye Sze Yee. Thanks a million for hosting!


All video and analysis and models are copyrights of the respective authors, we ask that you attribute them individually to respect their copyright, creative common attribution.

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Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in these materials are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Ministry of Education, Singapore, National Institute of Education Singapore nor National Research Foundation Singapore.