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Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers


The LOL Energy Diagram Master Template is versatile, allowing educators to tailor simulations to their specific teaching goals and adapt them to various classroom environments. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for teachers to create customized learning experiences that resonate with their students. Here's how the simulation aligns with this teaching methodology: 

L: Initial State
The left "L" Diagram prompts students to focus on the initial state of the system. This visualization provides a starting point for students to analyze and understand the energy distribution within the system. By examining the energy stores depicted in the initial state diagram, students gain insights into the starting conditions and the potential energy transformations that may occur.

O: Observation of Energy Transfers
The middle diagram, represented by the letter "O," illustrates the energy transfers within the system. Through dynamic simulations and interactive features, students can observe how energy moves and transforms throughout the system. This hands-on approach allows students to actively engage with the concept of energy transfer, enhancing their understanding of physics principles through real-time observation and experimentation.

L: Final State
Finally, the right "L" diagram displays the final state of the system. This visualization offers a conclusion to the energy dynamics observed throughout the simulation. By analyzing the energy stores depicted in the final state diagram, students can assess the overall outcome of the energy transfers and transformations within the system. This step allows students to consolidate their learning and draw conclusions about the changes that occurred.

Link to Simulation
Link to Joomla


One of the key features of the LOL Energy Diagram Master Template is its adherence to the principle of energy conservation. This ensures that energy is accurately tracked and accounted for in each scenario, providing students with a comprehensive view of how energy behaves in different situations.
Link to Simulation
Link to Joomla


Another key feature of the LOL Energy Diagram Master Template is its flexibility. Teachers have the ability to edit the answer key at the bottom of the page, making it easy to tailor simulations to different scenarios and learning outcomes. This empowers educators to create personalized learning experiences that cater to the unique needs of their students.

Link to Simulation
Link to Joomla

Links to different versions & scenarios using the LOL Energy Diagram.

⁎ Finalised Master Template

    - Original Reference Version

⁎ Kosong Version with pure representation only, NO calculations⁎ Other Blog Scenarios using Master Template     

  1. Scenario 1 (A Moving Toy Car)  ejss_model_LOLscenario1/  
  2.  - Scenario 2 (Charging a Power Bank) ejss_model_LOLscenario2/ ChemicalEnergyinitial + InternalEnergyinitial + Transfer electrical in = ChemicalEnergyfinal + InternalEnergyfinal, where ChemicalEnergyfinal = 2*ChemicalEnergyinitial    
  3. Scenario 3 (Lighting Up A Lamp) ejss_model_LOLscenario3/ ChemicalEnergyinitial + InternalEnergyinitial = ChemicalEnergyfinal + InternalEnergyfinal + Transfer electromagneticwaves out + Transfer heat out electromagneticwaves out
  4.     - Scenario 4 (Sitting On A Swing) ejss_model_LOLscenario4/
  5.     - Scenario 5 (Cooling A Hot Cup of Tea) ejss_model_LOLscenario5/
  6.     - Scenario 6 (A Falling Stone) ejss_model_LOLscenario6/
  7.     - Scenario 7 (Lighting Up A Lamp) ejss_model_LOLscenario7/
  8.     - Scenario 8 (Radioactive Decay) ejss_model_LOLscenario8/
  9.     - Scenario 9 (Bungee Jumping) ejss_model_LOLscenario9/
  10.     - Scenario 10 (Releasing An Arrow) ejss_model_LOLscenario10/
  11.     - Scenario 11 (Hammering A Nail) ejss_model_LOLscenario11/
  12.     - Scenario 12 (Raising A Load) ejss_model_LOLscenario12/


By leveraging the power of EJSS and providing educators with the ability to customize simulations to suit their specific teaching objectives, the LOL Energy Diagram Master Template enables personalized learning experiences that cater to the diverse needs of students. Through interactive simulations and engaging scenarios, students can deepen their understanding of energy concepts while developing critical thinking skills and scientific inquiry.



  1. original reference version
  2. Kosong version for Teacher Peer Discussion (Kosong version)
  3. on Scenario 1 (A Moving Toy Car) 

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