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A simulator to understanding the difference in current between Series and Parallel Circuits.

Includes mini drop-down box quiz and interactions with a dragable ammeter, divided between two circuits.

Current In Series and Parallel Circuits


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Fremont Teng

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Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers

Instructions/Explanations on how to use the Simulation:

Drag-able Ammeter and Reading

Step 1: Look at the circuit. For example Parallel Circuit.
Step 2: Drag the ammeter to a 'transparent' cell.
Step 3: Look at the ammeter reading in the yellow panel.
The same would apply for the series circuit as well.

Drop-down Box and Questions

Step 1: Look at the question. By default, the option would be a blank.
Step 2: Click on the drop-down menu and select the answer.
Step 3: Having to select the correct option will lead to a dialog box indicating your answer to be correct.

Reset Button


Clicking on the Reset Button will enable a full reset on the Simulation.






This is the first version.

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