Final report

Girep Presentation


  1. Light Spectrometer prototype: (Direct Link)  Need Chrome for all devices except iOS is not supported yet, Mac can but need to use Chrome.
  2. Sound Analyzer prototype:   (Direct Link) Need Safari on iOS, the rest of other devices can use Chrome
  3. bonus app Geiger Reader prototype:(Direct Link) Need Safari on iOS, the rest of other devices can use Chrome
  4. Polariser prototype:  (Direct Link




Setup Light Spectrometer.

AEP 14/17 LTK Promoting joy of learning by turning phone into 3 scientific equipment
Light Analyzer Data Logger JavaScript Simulation Applet HTML5

  1. Navigate to the website and click on the latest thumbnail
  2. prepare the physical apparatus needed 
  3. discharge lamps, hand phone, diffraction grating setup 3D printed , rubber 
  4. on the hand phone it should look like this, agree to let Chrome mobile take video and sound if prompted
  5. fix the diffraction grating using a rubber to the back camera of the phone as shown 
  6. fix a lamp on the discharge lap setup and turn it on, say first lamp is Helium
  7. point the camera with the diffraction grating on the table, make sure the fluorescent lamp on the room is able to the captured through the grating as a reference light spectrum source pattern
  8. click calibrate 
  9. after clicking calibrate, the display will show the fluorescent lamp spectrum as the light from the fluorescent lamp came through the diffraction grating intot he camera to produce this image
  10. click identify
  11. after identify, point the camera with the diffraction grating as a new light source say the Helium lamp discharge
  12. click confirm button
  13. after confirm, 
  14. click compare to compare with our results from the internet as possible answers.
  15. while doing the new light, make sure not to shift the diffraction grating position from the camera on the phone else, need to re-calibrate with fluorescent light again
  16. Next light source say mercury, click identify
  17. aim the camera through the diffraction grating to get a light emission spectrum and click identify
  18. after identify, the screen may say something like mercury found
  19. click compare and see the line emission lines from phone (above) to the picture resource from internet (below) 
  20. next, try Neon lamp 
  21. click on the identify and aim the camera on the lamp 
  22. click compare to see the result from the camera (above) and the resource of the internet (below)
  23. so it is possible to use the phone via our webpage to gather emission spectrum and even identify some of the common gases in our database.


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