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Physics Frogger

Physics Frogger

Move the frog safely to a lily pad. Ideally, you should aim for the yellow one, which is selected randomly at the start of the game. The frog dies if it travels off the screen (to the left or to the right), if it is hit by a vehicle, or if it falls into the water. To get across the water, it must jump onto floating objects, including the turtles and fish.

  • Click or tap to begin. If the frog dies or if it safely reaches the lilypad, then click or tap again to restart the game. Click "Replay" to play the game again with the same initial positions of all the objects.
  • On a computer or tablet with a keyboard, use the arrow keys to jump left, right, up, or down. Alternatively, or if no keyboard is present or it affects the page in which the game appears (such as an ePub reader), click above the frog to make it jump up, below it to make it jump down,and to one of its sides (but in roughly the same horizontal row) to make it jump left or right.
Physics Frogger Credits

Physics Frogger Credits

Our game is inspired in the original Frogger game designed by Konami.

Resources used in our game:

  • Images of the boat, turtle, fish, motorcycle, red car, yellow car and the skull are from
  • The brick path, logs, truck, and frog were drawn by Aaron Titus. The color and shape of the frog was inspired by Play Frogger.
Book page

Exploring Physics with Video Games

Exploring Physics with Video Games combines classic arcade games, new app-based games, and physics instruction in one self-contained ePub readable on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The book is for people of all ages who are interested in video games and even more interested in the physics behind videos games - the physics that makes objects move, bounce, shoot, explode, collide, and jump. Classic videos games like Asteroids, Space Invaders, Lunar Lander, Frogger, and Missile Command were all created with basic physics. Many recent games like Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, and Cut the Rope are based on a robust physics engine that performs calculations in the game. In some parts of the games, the physics is realistic. In other parts of the games, the physics is fake. By "fake" we mean that it follows laws of physics from a fictional universe or employs fictional technology in the game's world that is not apparent to the user.

This cutting-edge book uses games to teach physics and uses physics to teach games, making learning physics and gaming more fun than you ever imagined. As the first eBook to combine games and physics, we are exploring a new way to deliver fun, educational eBooks.

Let the games begin!



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Aaron Titus; Francisco Esquembre

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