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  1. by Todd TimberLake and lookang Java version

Other resources by Seng kwang

Writeup ICT

Virtual Laboratory Gravitational Field & Potential of Earth and Moon

Students will be able to:

1) recall and apply the equation g = GM/r^2 for the gravitational field strength of a point mass to new situations or to solve related problems; and
2) solve problems using the equation φ = -GM/r for the potential in the field of a point mass.
The lesson was tested & carried out with JC1 as a research on physics by inquiry using simulations.

ICT equipments used included Computers, with Java Runtime installed, Ejs Open Source Gravitational Field & Potential of Earth and Moon Java Applet 2mb file copied into the desktop.

Full screen applet 
Author: Andrew Duffy and lookang

Pedagogy is active learner centered learning with technology (simulation).

Strategies Teacher as technology, content, pedagogy and knowledge expert (TPCK), facilitating the inquiry learning process, with teacher to facilitate at suitable times.

Thinking skills, Self directed planning of inquiry approach is required for students to collect data, Science Practical Assessment Skill A. Analysis of data skill is also practiced. Evaluation of data and finally Synthesis skill during the proposing and verifying of their hypothesis of the physics principle .

Lesson is 1 hour 40 mins and some home based learning as students are equipped with computer 1 to 1 access as a pilot study on 1 to 1 computing access.
Students work were captured in the worksheet.
Gravitational Fields
Goh Giam Hwee / Yishun Junior College
Goh Giam Hwee /Yishun Junior College

Resources by Tan Seng Kwang

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