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Android iOS Windows MacOS
with best with Chrome Chrome Chrome Chrome
support full-screen? Yes. Chrome/Opera No. Firefox/ Samsung Internet Not yet Yes Yes
cannot work on some mobile browser that don't understand JavaScript such as.....
cannot work on Internet Explorer 9 and below



Fu Kwun Hwang; Loo Kang Wee

Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers

Michelson Interferometer JavaScript Simulation Applet HTML5

Instructions on using the Simulation Applet

Drag-able Mirrors

Step 1: Drag the square box
(Square Box)
(Default Position)
(Dragging it to the right will extend the wave)
(Dragging it to the left will compress it.)
Same applies for the top drag-able mirror.

Step 2: Look at the Detector Wave

(Notice how the blue wave changes in shape)

Drag-able arrows

Step 1: Drag the small square
Notice how the arrow moves and spins with the distance moved.






Other Resources


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