With Constancy and Purpose

That is my secondary school motto and it has served me well for my past 30+ years.  It is the start of Term 2 and I must continue to do things with constancy and purpose. I must not lose sight of what I wish to do for my students. I should try not to fall back to “pouring-knowledge” mode. It is not going to be easy but I am going to press on.

Here are things in store for them:

  1. Mathematics

Getting them to use SeeSaw to showcase what they has learned for the week (Will do so weekly)

2. Science

  • Focus on explaining answers with hands-on activities.  The structure of their “explanation ” should be:
  1. Data/Observations from the question
  2. Unpack scientific concept relevant  to the given question .  Use “so-what” to make sure the final statement can link back to the question
  • Provide opportunities for them to check their peers’ answers.  This means I must let them know the success criteria and what is a good answer.





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