The inadequacy of our current schooling system

I have been to two different talks in NIE for the past two days. The first talk is about learning analytics and the second talk is about knowledge building.  From these two talks, one of the recurring theme that seems to occur is the inadequacy of our current state of schooling.


Some would argue that  schools are embracing those in-things like SDL , CoL and 21CC. Such jargon definitely looks good on paper but what does that actually mean in the classroom setting?  Is that a regular feature or just a one-lesson show? If we wish to transform school,  there is more than using such jargon. Let’s stop being NATO (No Action Talk Only) and we have to move beyond the #justsaying stage. We need to interrogate our views on learning. Use of in-jargons amount to NOTHING if we are still in the transmissive mode of learning . The student is just a black box in which you need to “pour” knowledge (Worksheet-culture).  If we do not change our view on such “factory-mode” learning, there is no way we can change the way we want our students to learn.

With such view of learning, there explains why the school needs to find time to structure for discomfort (1st tweet)  as the school is still primary a “yes-no ” mode.  That is the inadequacy of our current schooling system and  we need to change it.  We are not doing our students any justice by teaching them the way we are taught. So , to start the change, we must first ask ourselves some hard questions:


(1) “What is learning?”

(2) “Is this view of learning going to help my students when they go out to work? ”







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